Introduce the Brand to China’s market

Effective reorganization of product capabilities

Product: Olive Oil


Introduce the olive oil brand to China’s market through retail and online channels thereby increasing revenue and lowering the barriers of entry.

Prior Situation:

Inconsistent quality, product did not meet the market’s expectations, no logistical standards, sales were situational.

Our successful solutions:

  • The olive oil’s flavor and quality were standardized and accepted by the market.
  • A new product concept along with options for relabeled packaging were developed.
  • Operations were standardized to reduce costs and increase order processing rate.
  • Logistical operators were found with storage facilities in different areas of the country.
  • Conditions were agreed upon to establish optimal cash flow.
  • Distribution through retail chains and online platforms were reorganized and were optimized.

Actual results: 

  • Contract negotiation
  • Packaging and label refresh
  • Consistent deliveries resulted in 10x increase in revenue
  • Effective reorganization of product capabilities

Our service model includes assistance in go-to-market consulting and ongoing mentorship.

Term:  12 months

We are glad to help your food company and develop effective solutions to promote and sell on the international markets

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