Create caviar brand

Create brand and increase sales

Product: Sturgion Caviar


Create caviar brand from different species of sturgeon and ensure year-round deliveries thereby increasing revenue.

Prior Situation:

Inconsistent quality and supply chain, low income with high overhead costs.

Our successful solutions:

  • Assortments were developed and standardized.
  • Concept and package design were created.
  • Сontracts were finalized with suppliers from 10 countries and 3 continents to minimize supply fluctuations, resulting in sufficient product to meet the demand.
  • Air delivery contracts were optimized.
  • Customs clearance and acceptance of perishable goods were accelerated.
  • Processes of shipments and deliveries were optimized.
  • Systems for inventory control were implemented, including monitoring sales, tracking and receiving product shipments and maintaining consistent product refrigeration.
  • Loyalty programs were established.
  • Developed competitive offers for distribution through various sales channels.
  • Sales have been automated through online system.

Actual results: 

  • Caviar brand launch
  • Consistent sales through the retail and Horeca chains in Hong Kong and Macau
  • Logistic costs were optimized and reduced
  • Significant increase in sales, income and profitability of the product

Our service model includes assistance in go-to-market consulting, ongoing mentorship and marketing services.

Term: 10 months

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